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Content Areas for TIMSS 1999
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Mathematics Content Areas and Reporting Scales Science Content Areas and Reporting Scales

Fractions and number sense
Includes whole numbers, fractions and decimals, integers, exponents, estimation and approximation, proportionality.

Includes standard and non-standard units, common measures, perimeter, area, volume, estimation of measures.

Data representation, analysis, and probability
Includes representing and interpreting tables, charts, and graphs; range, mean; informal likelihood, simple numerical probability.

Includes points, lines, planes, angles, visualization, triangles, polygons, circles, transformations, symmetry, congruence, similarity, constructions.

Includes number patterns, representation of numerical situations, solving simple linear equations, operations with expressions, representations of relations and functions.

Earth science
Includes earth features, earth processes, and earth in the universe.

Life science
Includes diversity, organization and the structure of living things; life processes and systems enabling life functions; life spirals, genetic continuity and diversity; interactions of living things; and human biology and health.

Includes physical properties and transformations; energy and physical processes; and forces and motion.

Includes classification and structure of matter; chemical properties; and chemical transformations.

Environmental and resource issues
Includes pollution, conservation of land, water, and sea resources, conservation of material and energy resources, and effects of natural disasters.

Scientific inquiry and the nature of science
Includes the nature of scientific knowledge; the scientific enterprise; interactions of science, technology, mathematics, and society; and the tools, procedures, and processes used in conducting scientific investigations.


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