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TIMSS 1999 Benchmarking Technical Report

Edited by Michael O. Martin, Kelvin D. Gregory, Kathleen M. O'Connor and Steven E. Stemler

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CHAPTERS CONTENT (click to download) AUTHORS
Chapter 1 TIMSS 1999 Benchmarking: an Overview

Michael O. Martin,
Ina V.S. Mullis

Chapter 2 TIMSS Test Development

Robert A. Garden,
Teresa A. Smith

Chapter 3 TIMSS Questionnaire Development

Michael O. Martin,
Ina V.S. Mullis,
Steven E. Stemler

Chapter 4 Translation and Cultural Adaptation of the TIMSS Instruments Kathleen O'Connor,
Barbara Malak
Chapter 5 Sampling Design and Implementation for TIMSS 1999 Countries Pierre Foy
Marc Joncas
Chapter 6 Sampling Design and Implementation for TIMSS 1999 Benchmarking Jean Fowler,
Lou Rizzo,
Keith Rust
Chapter 7 Data Collection and Data Preparation for TIMSS 1999 Countries Eugenio J. Gonzalez,
Dirk Hastedt
Chapter 8 Data Collection and Data Preparation for TIMSS 1999 Benchmarking

Dward Moore

Chapter 9 Quality Control in Data Collection for TIMSS 1999 Benchmarking Kathleen M. O'Connor,
Steven E. Stemler
Chapter 10 Data Management and Database Construction for TIMSS 1999 Benchmarking Dirk Hastedt
Chapter 11 Estimation of Sampling and Imputation Variance for TIMSS 1999 Benchmarking Eugenio J. Gonzalez,
Pierre Foy
Chapter 12 Item Analysis and Review for TIMSS 1999 Benchmarking Ina V.S. Mullis,
Michael O. Martin
Chapter 13 Scaling Methodology and Procedures for the TIMSS Mathematics and Science Scales Kentaro Yamamoto,
Edward Kulick
Chapter 14 Describing TIMSS 1999 International Benchmarks of Student Achievement Kelvin D. Gregory,
Ina V.S. Mullis
Chapter 15 Reporting Student Achievement in Mathematics and Science for TIMSS 1999 Benchmarking Eugenio J. Gonzalez,
Kelvin D. Gregory
Chapter 16 Reporting Questionnaire Data for TIMSS 1999 Benchmarking Teresa A. Smith
Appendix A Acknowledgments


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